Our Story

My name is David Verespy. I am the owner and inventor of NuPocket. I am a Landscape Architect, Photographer, Artist and Entrepreneur. I am also an advocate for the outdoors and scouting and spent many years as a Den Leader, Cub Master and Assistant Scout Master. I love passing on my passion for the outdoors, photography, traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding to my kids and my scouts.


NuPocket is a result of many years in the woods and on the trail. This is my story.


I stood there in the snow on a cold winter campout, cold hands fumbling through overfilled pockets, searching for my phone. Success! I pull out my phone, but at the same time I also hear the telltale sound of all the other small items that were in my pocket hitting the crusty snow. I turn on my phone to see the battery almost completed depleted from the cold temperatures.  Reaching into my pockets, I grasp around for a small flashlight to illuminate the objects that have fallen into the snow. More gear tumbles from my pockets to the ground.  I think to myself,


"This sucks, there has to be another way."


The problem was my favorite puffer only has two small hand pockets, and anyone who has ever been camping knows that’s just not enough space for all the small gadgets and gear you need to be at the ready, such as: a pocket knife or two, flashlight, headlamp, fire starter, sun glasses, reading glasses, cell phone, AirPods, etc. etc. etc.  I needed more space!


“Wouldn’t it be great if I had more pockets, a way to organize my stuff." 


If you are anything like me you probably have multiple backpacks, lots of gear, and a slew of outdoor clothing. What I have found is that no matter how much I spend and how hard I look, no backpack, jacket or coat has the perfect mix of pockets and space for what I need.  I am constantly looking for ways to add to or customize my gear to make it suit my needs.

As I had done so many times before, I hit the internet and gear stores, searching for the perfect solution. But nothing fit the bill. I dreamed of a permanent, self-adhesive pocket that could be applied wherever I wanted it. 


I decided if I couldn't find it, I’d make it.


The idea of NuPocket was born.  The next step was to create a prototype and bring NuPocket to life.   

I gathered my supplies: some gear repair tape and old spandex t-shirt fabric. Scissors in hand, I began cutting and sewing. It wasn’t long before the adhesive on the gear repair tape gummed up the sewing machine and promptly killed it.  Lesson learned: a sacrifice to progress.  But I was not to be deterred, and before too long the NuPockets were born. As I attached my NuPocket to the inside of my puffer, my cellphone and AirPods now had a warm secure home inside my favorite jacket. 

Several versions later and the NuPocket is ready for adventurers everywhere.


My dream of a permanent, self-adhesive pocket is a reality. A way to add storage and organize your gear. 


You can now have a NuPocket where you need it and a NuPocket where you want it!



The Benefits of NuPocket

We at NuPocket believe in the power and skill of American workers. We are committed to NuPocket being an American-Made product by supporting American manufactures and providing American jobs. 

We are committed to helping the environment by keeping unused fabric, damaged gear, and apparel out of landfills. NuPocket’s size allows us to use dead stock fabric, along with overruns and seconds. As a result some pockets will be special editions and may have limited quantities.

There are many technologies out there that provide similar functionalities but nothing just like NuPocket and its unique benefits. 

NuPocket can be added to most of the gear you already own to add functionality.  NuPockets are very lightweight and discreet with a thin profile. A NuPocket can easily be added to the inside of your jacket providing a safe secure storage solution for your phone or gear away from prying eyes and sticky fingers. 

Like my puffer, many coats and jackets lack safe usable inside pockets.   Travelers love NuPocket because they can keep their valuables on the inside their jacket or coat away from the quick hands of even the most accomplished pick-pocket.  The magnetic closure keeps your valuables safe. The fact is thieves won’t go after what they can’t see. Outside pockets are an easy mark common thieves. 

A lot of the clothing designed for women - leggings, dresses, and jumpers especially - do not come with pockets, which can be incredibly annoying when you just want to run into the store with your keys, phone and credit card. Now a wardrobe doesn't have to be limited by the availability of pockets: put a pocket on your favorite pair of leggings or your favorite dress!

Many people have large dump style bags which may be fashionable but are also a black hole.  Cell phones, keys, glasses, sunglasses, wallet, water bottle, pens, makeup and all sorts of surprises lurking around the bottom of the bag getting dirty, scratched up and ruined. Nothing turns a stylish look into an embarrassing nightmare when you have to dump the contents to find what you need. NuPocket is the answer to keeping you in vogue and organized.

If your kids are like mine, they love string bags. They each have several. They use them for the gym, after school sports and school.  The problem with the string bags is that they’re simple by design and have no pockets.  So the bags become mixing pot for dirty socks, shoes, shorts, tights, water bottles, keys, sunglasses, protein bars and all sorts of other stuff commingling at the bottom. A NuPocket provides a convenient place to store your cellphone away from those dirty socks (or worse). 







NuPocket is versatile.

NuPocket is lightweight.

NuPocket is flexible.

NuPocket has a very slim profile.

NuPocket provides a secure storage solution for your phone and gadgets. 

NuPocket protects your phone from damage by keeping it in a dedicate space.

NuPocket can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics.

NuPocket helps the environment.

NuPocket is American-made in the USA.