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6" x 7" NuPocket - Bright Pink Rip-Stop

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Bright Pink Rip-Stop permanent adhesive backed pocket with a magnetic closure that can be added to the lining of most jacket and bags. 

Classic: The original NuPocket. Designed to fit most modern smart phones.  Its flap and magnetic closure provides a secure spot to store your cell phone and keep it safe. Available in a variety of colors and patterns to match where ever you want to use it. These NuPockets can easily find a home hidden inside bags and jackets or outside on your gear or clothing to add a fashion statement (and functionality!).

NuPocket where you need it. NuPocket where you want it.

NuPocket is the best thing to happen to pockets since pockets were invented!

Limited quantities in this color.


Great for adding pockets to:

- Bags

- Jackets

- Vests

- Dresses

- Pants

- Leggings

- Binders

- Backpacks

- Purses

- Solar Panels

And more!